Last week we welcomed Alana Sigg, Counselor at the Perrysburg High School and Tecna, Dog in Training.  Ms. Sigg and Tecna presented us with the Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) Program, school therapy with a facility dog.    
Ms. Sigg has been working with Circle Tail to train and utilize facility dogs for Perrysburg Schools.  A vision that started in the Fall of 2019, Ms. Sigg has worked passionately to get the program implemented at Perrysburg High School.  In the Fall of 2020, Willow the facility dog joined the students and staff as them embarked on a new school year.  
After a successful first year of the AAT, Ms. Sigg started working on the next stages of planning to train and provide more facility dogs through out the schools.  In September 2021, Tecna joined the students as a facility dog in training.
This program has been instrumental in so many areas:  (Citation, Ms. Siggs' Powerpoint)
  • Teaching Professions - Writing Lesson plans for the Allie Project
  •  Foreign Language class- French writing journey stories / Spanish is describing heroes 
  • Structured support Classrooms - Occupational Therapy / grooming/walking
  • Reducing test anxiety before AP exams
  • Incentive programs for attendance, behavior, self monitoring
  • One on one direct service with students & staff
  • De-escalating panic /anxiety attacks
The next phase of this program is to fundraise and develop the program so there are facility dogs in every school building (Perrysburg High School, Perrysburg Jr., HPI, and the four Perrysburg Elementary Schools).  Ms. Sigg has been successful in securing free veterinarian services for all facility dogs utilized by Perrysburg Schools due to the generosity of West Toledo Animal Hospital. 
Be on the look out for more information from Ms. Sigg and how you can help support her wonderful mission!