On Friday (3/26) we welcome guest speaker Cassondra Prchlik.  Ms. Prchlik is the Communication and Outreach Specialist for Partners for Clean Streams.  Ms. Prchlik will be talking to us about Marine Debris in the Great Lakes.
Marine Debris in the Great Lakes is a growing problem. To address this growing issue, we must first look at how marine debris can enter our waterways. In this program, Cassondra Prchlik will provide information on the issue of marine debris in the Great Lakes, what we can do to help, and the initiatives led by Partner for Clean Streams aimed at helping to solve the problem.

Partners for Clean Streams (PCS) is an environmental non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health of the many waterways in Northwest Ohio. PCS connects organizational and individual partners through educational opportunities, conservation programs, stewardship opportunities, and outreach programs for the benefit of the local and regional environment.