In February, the Perrysburg Rotary Club had the pleasure of supporting the Perrysburg Schools Facility Dog Program with a grant.  Last fall we had the privilege of learning more about the program and all the wonderful work Mrs. Sigg has done for the students, schools, and program.
If you would like to support the program even further, you may sign up to donate an item off their wish list and then bring the item(s) to the weekly meeting.  Click here to sign up to donate!
  • Mrs. Sigg presented recently to the Perrysburg Rotary Club meeting accompanied by Barlow (the Facility Dog at PHS).
  • Mrs. Alana Sigg serves as a school counselor at Perrysburg High School.
  • She is dedicated to the growth and development of socioemotional learning, academic success and career post-secondary preparations. This is evidenced by her personal investment of time and research, learning in a variety of professional development areas, most recently, about animal assisted therapy (AAT) and the establishment of a school therapy dog program within the Perrysburg Schools.
  • Mrs. Sigg was first introduced to AAT in 2013 during her internship required for her master’s degree in School Counseling and since then has been waiting for the opportunity in her career to provide such a program to students of all ages. Alana had designed and implemented an AAT program at Perrysburg High School during the 2020-21 school year, under the supervision of non-profit organization, The Ability Center here in Toledo, OH. Moving forward, she has partnered with another nonprofit organization, Circle Tail in Cincinnati, OH that is accredited by the Assistance Dogs International and American Kennel Club's therapy dog program organization.
  • Mrs. Sigg is serving as a dog handler / trainer to support the efforts to place trained facility dogs in Perrysburg schools and several districts to foster the support and healthy development of students.
  • The HS is excited to welcome its full time Facility dog at the beginning of March. The Junior High will be welcoming its pup in the Fall! 
  • There is a tremendous amount of support and momentum behind securing a dog at HPI in the fall as well.
  • In order to make sure we are ready for this a reality beyond securing the dog is providing the materials to care for the dogs while at school, materials to promote wellness for all students in the building and handler training tools that will be needed. The list previously provided focus on the care of the dog while in school and help with this expense is very much appreciated. 
See watch more about the program, click here.