Join us tomorrow, January 13th, as we welcome guest speaker, Dustin Dale!  Dustin is a fellow Rotarian from the Reynolds Corner Rotary Club and an Author of Learn to Lead by Serving & Learn to Lead by Serving 2, a Motivational Speaker, and a Business/Leadership Consultant!

We are excited to welcome Dustin as our second speaker in our January Leadership Series and we look forward to his program, Far Beyond Leading!

A few meeting notes:

  • As you join us for lunch this week, we respectfully ask that you silence your phones/notifications at the start of program. 

  • If you are paying for your lunch online, ​​​please click here to log into your Rotary Account.  Then click on "My Account Balance" to pay for your lunch.  Lunch is $20.00.  We will also be accepting payment at the meeting by check or exact cash.  A buffet meal will be hosted at the Perrysburg Boat Club starting at 11:45am. 

We are still seeking members to sign up for our 2023 Fine Master and Prayer and Pledge Schedule!!  To learn more about how to sign up, please contact Sergeant at Arms, Randy Drewyor.

A Zoom link for this hybrid meeting will be sent out tomorrow, January 13th 9:30 am.