Last Friday we had the distinct honor of welcoming Ohio Lt. Governor Jon Husted as our guest speaker!

Lt. Governor Husted gave us an incredibly valuable presentation on H2Ohio and how the dedicated partnership of The Governor, the Ohio Department of Agriculture, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, the Lake Erie Commission, and many partners, including the Ohio Agriculture Conservation Initiative (OACI) are working to improve Ohio's water quality.

After the harmful algal bloom in 2014, H2Ohio was launched in 2019 to help address those issues that had contributed to the serious water issues which had been building for years.  The H2Ohio Initiative has made great strides in educating the community, helping to start the process of reducing phosphorus runoffs into the waterways, and working with local municipalities to improve their infrastructures.  

Click here to learn more about H2Ohio or Lt Governor Husted.